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Jonathan Karrant is a jazz vocalist who has recently released a fantastic live album. Throughout the span of 15 songs, Karrant sets out to showcase his amazing vocal prowess as well as his ability to connect the audience with his charisma and showmanship.

This release is a stunning combination of classic jazz tunes and unique melodies with a strong, direct, and charming performances. Karrant has a really unique degree of control over his vocal prowess, meaning that he can seamlessly combine virtuoso vocal hooks with classic songwriting and musical storytelling. Songs such as “Charade” and “Feeling Good” are perfect examples of his mastery and ability to engage the audience. Backed by pianist Jason Corpuz, bassist David Ostrem, drummer Paul Ringenbach, and saxophonist Charles McNeal, Karrant completely wins over the crowd at the Smith Center for the Performing Arts in Las Vegas.

Whether you’re a jazz lover, or simply a fan of beautiful music, this one’s for you.

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